My Progress in 24-30 fps

The Simple Life

Welcome everyone to my home… well, kind of. As you can see both this site and my ‘tiny house’ are under construction. I have an incredible ability to take on tasks at a much faster rate than I can complete them… some would say it is my finest skill. However, this project in particular is crucial in constructing a lifestyle of ultimate freedom. So I assure you that this one will get done. And as I progress, research and create, I will be posting things I have learned, things I am thinking, and things I am doing on this page. Would you like to follow my progress? Well too bad! Get lost creep! Okay that was harsh and I only partially meant it. Ideally I would love for you to follow along, learn with me and possibly even teach me a thing or two. You can sign up for my email list in the side bar or just bookmark this page for future reference. You can also follow me on all my social medias (also in the sidebar) as that is the most efficient method to find out what I am doing.

Well that’s all for now. You don’t have to go home but you can’t… well, actually stay here all you want. My Google Analytics loves it. 😉

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